UFA delivers ATCoach® Embedded Test and Training Simulator for SUN X/86 Platform for FAA STARS Program

Woburn, MA, July 9, 2009 – UFA, INC. has successfully completed the delivery and acceptance of its ATCoach Terminal Edition Radar Simulation product with support for the Sun x/86 platform running Solaris 10 to Raytheon [NYSE: RTN] as part of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Standard Terminal Automation Replacement (STARS) Program. The STARS Program is a joint FAA and Department of Defense (DoD) program to replace capacity-constrained, older technology systems at FAA and DoD terminal radar approach control facilities and associated towers. This marks the 66th consecutive on-time / on-budget delivery of STARS/ATCoach in support of the STARS Program since its inception in 1996.

This delivery supports the STARS hardware migration from SPARC-based processors to x86-based processors. It provides full support for all of STARS/ATCoach’s advanced embedded test and training functions and capabilities for the Sun x/86 platform under the Solaris 10 operating system. This delivery also maintains backward compatibility of STARS/ATCoach with the SunBlade SPARC-based platform for the Full-Service STARS software under Solaris 8 and Solaris 10 operating systems, as well as earlier versions already deployed.

ATCoach simulation technology supports the FAA’s mission to accelerate its training process to help meet attrition-driven re-staffing needs during the next 10 years. ATCoach provides terminal air traffic controllers with the most modern and highest fidelity simulation and training technology available. Based on dynamic simulation modeling, ATCoach provides comprehensive test capability for STARS enabling Raytheon and the FAA to reach test goals and milestones faster and with greater cost and schedule efficiency.

UFA also supplies embedded ATCoach simulation technology for the FAA User Request Evaluation Tool (URET) and En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) programs. ATCoach has been integrated with other key FAA systems such as Host/DSR and is used by participants of the FAA Collegiate Training Initiative program and providers of air navigation services worldwide.

Headquartered in Woburn, MA, UFA is a privately held software engineering firm specializing in Air Traffic Management simulation products. UFA’s comprehensive product line is in use around the world and, in addition to ATCoach, includes the ATTower®/ATView® Tower Simulation and Visualization product, the ATVoice® Voice Recognition and Response product, and the ATRadio® Simulated Voice Switch product. UFA maintains additional offices in Gaithersburg, Maryland and operates a wholly owned subsidiary, ATCSim GmbH, located in Mainz and Kaufbeuren, Germany.

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