ATSpeak™ Voice Recognition Enabled Training Platform

ATSpeak is an e-learning system for Air Traffic Control (ATC) phraseology, skills, and language training. Using UFA’s proprietary Voice Recognition and Response (VRR) technology, ATSpeak permits Controllers and Pilots to practice their phraseology via motivational exercises that include text, images and audio. Multiple clearances make up an exercise and the exercise is timed and scored.Several exercises together can be collected into a course that the student must work through, optionally with a threshold passing grade, before moving on to the next exercise in the course.Reports and exportable student records are available.

Whether used independently or as a complement to ATCoach® radar or ATTower® tower training, ATSpeak provides a low cost ATC training environment for Controllers and Pilots alike.

  • Content Rich Exercises
  • Speaker Independent including Accented English VRR
  • Radar and Tower phraseologies
  • Customer-developed exercises and courses
  • Courses with progress thresholds
  • User Reports and Records
  • Can be deployed on portable laptops or low cost PCs

Download our complete brochure (PDF)