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Air Traffic Control Simulation & Voice Recognition
ATCoach ®
Air Traffic Control Simulation & Voice Recognition

ATCoach ®

Air Traffic Simulation and Voice Recognition

At A Glance

UFA’s ATCoach Radar simulator is the simulator of choice for leading Air Navigation Service Providers such as the FAA, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, and NAV CANADA, as well as military organizations and universities around the world.

The ATCoach family of products excels in flexibility, supporting both En Route and Terminal traffic, and offers a wide range of configuration options, from high-fidelity fixed systems to tablets in a cloud-based environment.  ATCoach’s sophisticated training options meet all objectives of basic, intermediate, and advanced ATC training programs. With a variety of scenarios that offer several degrees of complexity, beginner trainees looking for introductory, step-by-step training can use ATCoach to prepare for their jobs as controllers while experienced controllers can improve their skillset and exceed expectations. Our systems are easily customizable, allowing users to personalize the environment and display to meet training requirements or achieve personal training goals.

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Comprehensive radar training

Robust research and development platform

Testing data generator

Innovative prototyping

Exercise Preparation

UFA’s ATPrepare, integrated within ATCoach, provides a toolset that supports the development, modification, and preview of simulation exercises. Through its graphical interface, ATPrepare intuitively guides and aids the user through airspace and exercise creation and modification. ATPrepare supports CPDLC, flight track timing modification through point-and-click inputs, and full exercise preview and simulation utilizing UFA’s Pseudo Pilot Displays.

Embedded ATC Radar Simulator

At a Glance

This ATCoach product offers innovative simulation technology by merging simulated target generation with operational ATC automation systems. Using the core ATCoach simulation engine, this system generates real-time surveillance sensor messages and provides or responds to flight data messages. The data is then processed by the operational ATC automation systems as if it originated from operational sensors and flight data processors, demonstrating this product’s versatile and complex performance capabilities.

In addition to full fidelity hardware- and software-in-the-loop training, the product also provides an extensive embedded automation system test capability. This service can be used during all automation system life cycle phases from system development to acceptance, verification, and certification, and from daily readiness testing to return-to-service testing at field operational sites.


Radar Data Generation

Radar Data Generation supports the modeling of radar observations in conjunction with the modeled aircraft in the exercise. Based on the characteristics of the radar defined during exercise preparation, the function models the observation of the simulated targets and weather, formats the data, and transmits the radar messages. ATCoach supports a wide variety of messaging formats, including ASTERIX Data Categories 0, 1, 2 and 8; Mode S Data Categories 34 and 48; and ADS-B Data Category 21. Support for additional ASTERIX data categories is available.

Flight Plan Data Generation

The Flight Plan Data Generation capability is responsible for supporting Flight Plan message exchanges with the Automation System. It acts as outside air traffic control facilities that exchange ATS and OLDI messages with the Automation System. A detailed review of the messaging supported by the Operational System is needed to determine if ATCoach supports the messages and logic required. If not, our adaptable systems can easily be adjusted to support system specific requirements.

Simulation Interface Unit

For a fully immersive experience that includes changing weather patterns, our customers can look to the Weather Data Generation function. This capability formats and transmits text weather messages based on the current weather conditions. ATCoach currently supports the generation of automatic METAR messages and a general text message capability, providing multiple methods of communication to suit the user.

Customers Served


FAA ERAM Program

Lockheed Martin Transportation and Security Systems’ Skyline Program: Installations include Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Korea, and Albania.

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung 

Embedded ATC Radar Simulator

Standalone ATC Radar Simulator

At a Glance

UFA’s ATCoach Standalone Radar System provides a cost-effective, turnkey ATC radar simulation solution. Available on both Linux and Windows, configurations may range from a desktop training system, to a tablet-based system run from the cloud, to a full fidelity console-based simulation environment. The product replicates several FAA ATC automation systems as well as internationally-used automation systems. Each ATCoach system includes user-friendly exercise development tools, ATPilot, a powerful graphical pseudo pilot capability, and ATSetup, a Supervisor application to select, configure and control simulation exercises. ATCoach can also be fully voice-recognition enabled using UFA’s industry-leading ATVoice software.


Single and multisector simulation

Flight strip customization and printing

Electronic flight strips

Information and weather displays

Broad-gauge surveillance data

Integrated voice communications

Large system configurations

Voice recognition and response

Advanced pseudo piloting features

Extensive instructor controls


ATPrepare, integrated within ATCoach, provides a toolset that supports the development, modification, and preview of simulation exercises. Through its graphical interface, ATPrepare intuitively guides and aids the user through airspace and exercise creation and modification. ATPrepare supports CPDLC, flight track modification through point-and-click inputs, and full exercise preview and simulation utilizing UFA’s Pseudo Pilot Displays.

Standalone ATC Radar Simulator

Precision Approach Radar Simulator (PAR)

At a Glance

The ATCoach® Precision Approach Radar Simulator is a standalone configuration capable of emulating several military radar sets, their controller arrival, and final displays.

This product empowers the user to simulate virtually any air traffic situation and manipulate events during the scenario to achieve specific training objectives.


Realistic radar presentation for multiple radar models

Surveillance approaches

Precision approaches

Voice recognition and response control – ATVoice®

Request and Acknowledge Unit (RAU) control

Instructor control station

Customers Served

This system is currently in use at the US Army Aviation Radar Training Schoolhouse at Fort Rucker, AL and serves as the Army’s primary means of training radar controllers in both airport surveillance radar and precision approach radar air traffic control operations. It is also installed with US Army units, with ARNG units, and with USAF units.

Precision Approach Radar Simulator (PAR)
Mobile Radar Simulator

At a Glance

“Anywhere, anytime” training is possible with UFA’s ATCoach Mobile Edition. Our custom applications make it easy for organizations to maximize their training impact by giving students access to simulation exercises outside the classroom or lab. ATCoach Mobile delivers the full-functionality of UFA’s industry-leading ATCoach product, optimized for delivery over the Internet or Enterprise Intranet.


Upload exercises and manage software releases

All the functionality and phraseology of ATCoach and ATVoice is accessible for use in exercise definitions

Exercises, map, and other features can be shared and re-used with fix-based installations of ATCoach

Gamification elements to encourage student participation and reward competence

Configuration allows for private (intranet and private servers) or public (internet and public servers) use

Optimized for tablets and other smart devices

Air Traffic Simulation and Voice Recognition


ATPortal is the web-access system management platform for UFA’s mobile products, housing the tools needed to administer users, classes, and training exercises.

Mobile Radar Simulator
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