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Air Traffic Control Simulation & Voice Recognition


ATLive ™

At A Glance

ATLIVE™ (Learn, Interact, Visualize, Experience) is a revolutionary airport and air traffic control training product that allows users to interact with dynamic airport traffic situations using multi-touch gestures and voice recognition.


Unlike traditional simulators, ATLIVE is designed from the ground up for collaborative interactions – in blackboard mode for classroom use or table top mode for small team briefing, debriefing, and training. ATLIVE allows participants to easily navigate around the airport environment in 2D and 3D views and toggle airport information for reference and learning. An innovative menu feature allows users on all four sides of the display in Table Top mode to participate in the interactive session.

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Flexible hardware configuration using small form factor or large multi-touch displays

Motorized display stand supporting blackboard and table top orientation

Additional displays for radio-communications panels, weather / information displays, and ground / air surveillance displays (optional)

Features and Benefits

Built on the powerful ATTower simulator allowing the full range of training capabilities to be accessed through an innovative multi-touch interface

Fully voice recognition enabled

Use the intuitive ATEditor application to build, preview, and maintain training content

Re-use of ATTower visual databases, moving models, and exercises

Interoperates with UFA’s ATTower and ATVehicle simulation products

Use ATTower trainee recordings for session debriefing

Use Cases

Instructor briefing prior to a training session

Instructor debriefing with recordings of a training session

Training session using touch-enabled commands or voice recognition

Integrated with ATTower or ATVehicle, use as an in-session overview capability

Table top orientation ideal for small team viewing and interaction

Available to US Government customers

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