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Air Traffic Control Simulation & Voice Recognition
Air Traffic Control Simulation & Voice Recognition

ATRadio ®

ATRadio ®

At A Glance

ATRadio® is a software application that utilizes Voice-Over IP technology to simulate a Voice Communication System (VCS) in Air Traffic simulation environments.


It is designed to model pilot and controller radio communication as well as ground based intra-facility and inter-­facility communication. This product utilizes UFA’s Headset Interface Unit (HIU), Headsets and PTT, PC workstations, and LCD touch screen displays. ATRadio provides an authentic replication of the ATC communications environment while offering a wide range of functions that facilitate the best practice of ATC simulations and training.


Radio Communication

Unlimited radio channels

Fixed, emergency, and programmable channels

Per channel transmit/receive mode selection

Per channel transmit and receive activity indicators

Push-­to-­talk (PTT) activated transmission on single or multiple channels


Receiver switch-­off while transmitting at controller position

Ground Communication: Landline

Manual and speed dial calling

Conference calls

Call queuing

Call holding

Automatic answer/hangup option

Crash phone simulation

Radio Communication: Intercom

Press and talk based direct speech

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