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Air Traffic Control Simulation & Voice Recognition
Air Traffic Control Simulation & Voice Recognition

ATWorld ™

ATWorld ™

At A Glance

Experience, immerse, interact, and Train within a realistic air traffic environment.


ATWorld™ is a Plug-in for Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD) providing an automated, realistic, and contextually correct ATC environment. The simulation includes background air and ground traffic, radio communications, and ownship interaction with a virtual controller. Proudly in use by the US Air Force.

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Based on UFA’s pioneering ATC simulation products

Automated high-fidelity simulation of authentic air and ground traffic

Interact with virtual controllers using ATVoice voice recognition

Instructor controls

Airport, airspace & exercise definition tools

Available & documented interfaces for integration with third party simulators


Test-proven, best practice technology that is ready to use

Integrates with training devices using ATWorld connect gateway to provide a cross-platform experience

Allows cost effective training of difficult to replicate, high-risk situations

Support for multiple trainers and formation flights


ATVoice provides voice recognition for all of UFA’s air traffic control simulation systems, including ATWorld. It allows users to interact with a controller using standard phraseology and provides accessibility and flexibility to the simulation exercise.

Featured include:

Automated voice responses for background traffic based on a given clearance

Virtual controller recognizes defined pilot ATC phraseology (requests, responses, reports)

Virtual controller treats ATTower background and ownship the same

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