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Air Traffic Control Simulation & Voice Recognition
Air Traffic Control Simulation & Voice Recognition

ATVehicle ™

Air Traffic Simulation and Voice Recognition

At A Glance

UFA’s ATVehicle Airside Driving Simulator offers safe, reliable, and effective training for all types of airfield drivers. Beginning drivers can prepare for their jobs at the airport, while experienced operators can re-certify their skills using varying training scenarios.


Our real-time, high fidelity-simulator allows training to be standardized, as well as driving performance evaluated, and problem areas identified for improvement.

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Realistic aircraft and vehicle dynamics with highly interactive scenarios for beginner and experienced drivers

Simulates several different vehicle types, including fire trucks, snowplows, security vehicles, pushback and tow trucks

Inclement weather and time of day functionalities include Low Visibility Operations (LVO)

Record and replay capability for detailed evaluation of training scenarios

Small scale desktop setups with minimal space requirements

Integrates with radio communication procedures and UFA’s ATTower simulator for joint driver-controller training


Cost-effective training for difficult to replicate, high-risk emergency situations

Recurring training with no risk of damage to equipment

Individualized and Team training with multiple driver positions

Objective measurement of skills and training progress


UFA’s ATView Image Generator offers high-fidelity, realistic visualization of the live working environment of vehicle operators. Pioneering 3D models of aircraft and ground vehicles together with accurate visualization of all airport structures, ground markings and signage offer an immersive and realistic training environment.

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