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UFA, Inc. teams with FoxGuard Solutions, Inc on ATLIVE Air Traffic Control Simulator

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

UFA, Inc. teams with FoxGuard Solutions, Inc on ATLIVE Air Traffic Control Simulator

Burlington, MA., November 25, 2019 –UFA, the premier leader in air traffic control simulation systems, introduced its ATLIVE™ software in February 2019.

Prior to the release of the simulator, UFA carefully selected FoxGuard Solutions’ computer, the Simitar BANTAM I, to bundle with UFA’s interactive air traffic control trainer.

The BANTAM I and UFA’s ATLIVE™ simulator will be showcased at the I/ITSEC trade show from December 2nd until December 6th in UFA’s booth #1926.

“UFA was searching for a computer solution that, at first, we didn’t think possible. Through design collaboration, FoxGuard Solutions created the BANTAM I small form factor computer which met our extraordinary requirements perfectly. Much like ATLIVE is transforming the ATC training market, the BANTAM I is a radical and yet elegant solution that does not take away from the user’s experience.” Amy Parish, Project Manager.

“We are very excited to team with UFA in order to support their ATLIVE™ product. The BANTAM I is around 15 lbs, compact, and can be mounted to the back of a display. These attributes matched up well with UFA’s requirements,” said Patrick Patterson, Chief Strategy Officer of FoxGuard Solutions.


About UFA, Inc.

Headquartered in Burlington, MA, UFA specializes in simulation and voice technologies and services for Air Traffic Management. UFA’s products and services are used by leading Air Navigation Service Providers, Civil Aviation Authorities, Militaries and Educational institutions worldwide. Customers include the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the United States Military, NATO Militaries, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, NAV CANADA, Skyguide, DGAC/DSNA France, LVNL Netherlands, CAD Hong Kong, and many other organizations. The company’s wholly owned German subsidiary, ATCSim GmbH, is located in Mainz and Kaufbeuren, and also operates the ATCSim Innovation Center in Bavaria, Germany.


Media Contact:

Samantha Cutrona

Marketing and Trade Show Coordinator

301 977 0813


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