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UFA’s ATTower® Accepted by Royal Canadian Air Force

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

UFA’s ATTower® Accepted by Royal Canadian Air Force

Burlington, MA., June 11, 2019 – UFA, Inc. (UFA), a leading provider of Air Traffic Simulation and Voice Technologies, announces the successful delivery of four ATTower® Tower Simulators to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). The simulation systems were delivered to the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations (CFSACO) in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

Each of the 4 ATTower simulators is comprised of a 12-channel 75” portrait LCD visual system providing photorealistic views of the Saguenay-Bagotville Airport (CYBG) .  Each simulator has instructor and pseudo pilot positions that include individually controllable camera channels to display 3D visuals, allowing them to see what the Controllers see.  Provided exercise editing tools allow the School to develop and maintain custom training content.

Lieutenant-Colonel Horner, CFSACO’s Commandant noted, “The addition of UFA’s ATTower system to the RCAF’s training capability ensures the next generation of RCAF warfighters are provided the highest-fidelity simulation environment to better prepare them for current operational realities. With this new training capability, the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations can provide more advance levels of instruction, simulation and candidate development while also increasing our ability to force generate a greater number of qualified controllers and operators across multiple operational streams.”

The new systems allow CFSACO to increase training capacity by 50% and enable trainees to train independently to develop their skills.

Major Armstrong, CFSACO’s Deputy Commandant added, “It is not only the delivery of such an outstanding product which has enabled CFSACO to improve training capabilities and assure the preparedness of the next generation of Aerospace Controllers and Aerospace Operators on behalf of the RCAF, but also the UFA team’s service, support and responsiveness to our requirements and demands which has exceeded all expectations. The UFA team’s attention to even the smallest detail pertaining to this project and their professionalism throughout has enabled CFSACO and the RCAF to launch into a new and advanced era of VFR simulation technology and innovation.”

The RCAF is the newest addition to UFA’s global military client base, a unique and challenging segment of air traffic control that UFA is proud to support.  “As a US Navy Veteran, and having worked with Military Organizations around the world, I can confidently say that the RCAF is one of the most professional groups of Controllers I have ever worked with,” Project Manager Amy Parish noted.  “Providing this enhanced simulation and training capability to the RCAF has been a privilege and we look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.”


About UFA, Inc.

Headquartered in Burlington, MA, UFA specializes in simulation and voice technologies and services for Air Traffic Management. UFA’s products and services are used by leading Air Navigation Service Providers, Civil Aviation Authorities, Militaries and Educational institutions worldwide. Customers include the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the United States Military, NATO Militaries, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, NAV CANADA, Skyguide, DGAC/DSNA France, LVNL Netherlands, CAD Hong Kong, and many other organizations. The company’s wholly owned German subsidiary, ATCSim GmbH, is located in Mainz and Kaufbeuren, and also operates the ATCSim Innovation Center in Bavaria, Germany.


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